The power of math at your fingertips.

Features include:

Multiple Styles

By swiping on the keys, choose the style that best suits your current task: all the required functions will be there.

Choose among:

  • Simple Style: the simple style is perfect for every-day calculations.
  • Scientific Style: trying to make a plane take off? Go for this style.
  • Programmer Style: if you are a computer programmer, you will find this style very useful.

Immediate Functions

Access secondary functions faster than any other calculator.
It just takes one gesture: hold the finger on the button right below it for half a second.

Tip: there is an ever faster way to use secondary functions, which will become with time your preferred way because of its immediacy.
You just need to touch the button under the secondary function you want to use, and start moving your finger upward as if the orange menu was already there.

Powerful Unit Conversion

Swipe on a calculation to share or convert its result.

As easy as a swipe

Formula Reference

Reference for the most useful formulas in every field, just one tap away.

Tap on any formula to instantly import it into your calculation.


To keep track and take note of everything in your life related to numbers.

You can keep a list of your college exams and have it show you their average score, or keep track of your monthly expenses and have their sum always at hand.

The possibilities are countless!

And lots, lots of other features...we are waiting for you on the App Store!

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